Bio - Craig "Rattler" Metcalf

I was raised in Ray, ND in the 1960's, where i met and grew up with a lot of the Ray Ramblers. I moved to Williston in 1978. I started working in the oilfield in 1981. I bought my first bike in the mid 1980's, and bought my first brand new Harley in1998, and have been on two wheels ever since. (whenever possible) Started the Prairie Rattlers MC in the mid 2000's, at which time I learned about Abate and became a member. Shortly after becoming District 1 rep, and moving on in life, I left PRMC in March of 2010. Shortly after that, I joined the Sons Of Silence MC. With riding more each year, my job seems to be interfering with my riding time! After 31 years in the oilfield, i think I deserve to be riding more. That's about all I have to say about me, so hope to see everyone at the next Abate function.

Thank You, Rattler