Bio - Doug Hursman

I bought my first real bike when I was 16 as I believe that than my Mom could no longer use the excuse that I needed a license to ride one and of course there was always the excuse that motorcycles are dangerous. My Dad had a Bismarck motorcycle when he was stationed in Germany back in the 50's and would on occasion take my 1972 Yamaha RD 350 for a spin. I think he really does enjoy riding but just never really decided to take up the life style. Not too many years ago, when he was around 70, about the time the stock markets were crashing he made the comment he should buy a Harley trike and at one time I actually thought he would. I rode Yamahas until I purchased my first Harley in 1996 which was a 1200 Sportster and within a few months I had an Electraglide on order. So at the age of 37 I was riding what I had considered an old man’s bike with all the comforts and have continued to do so. Both of my kids somehow started riding at a young age and when they were old enough took the ND motorcycle safety program and this was when I joined Abate.

One of my favorite Sunday rides, when it be spring, summer or fall is to leave Langdon and head west on highway 5 to Rolla where I usually grab a bite to eat, and then head north to St. John via highway 30. Here you enter the beautiful Turtle Mountains which have an abundance of hills, lakes, curves and wildlife. The foliage is beautiful if you can hit it at the right time in the fall. At St. John you take highway 43 west which will take you toward Lake Metigoshi. There are many crystal clear lakes along the highway which you can stop and enjoy. After circling around Lake Metigoshi you can either head south on the lake road which will take you into Bottineau or you can continue west on 43 which comes out on the west side of the Turtle Mountains and then take highway 14 back to the south to highway 5. If you have time on this ride you can also take in the International Peace Gardens which are right on the border with Canada.

My theory in riding is if you need to get somewhere fast, take the fast way but if you really want to see the scenery and meet the real people on your travels, take the road less traveled.