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December 6, 2022, 2:59 am


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ABATE of North Dakota is a not-for-profit, social membership-driven, organization dedicated to preserving motorcyclists' freedom of choice and freedom of the road. Our main goal is to promote motorcycle safety, awareness, training and protect the rights of motorcyclists everywhere.

In the early 1970's, a mandatory helmet use bill was first introduced in North Dakota and that bill brought the motorcycle community together. Easyriders magazine and a few supportive groups formed a new national organization named ABATE, standing for "A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments". Presently, depending on the state, the letters stand for "American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education", or American Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments". Whatever the name, all ABATE organizations around the country share the same common concerns and goals.

ABATE of North Dakota is comprised of volunteer officers, including eleven members of the State Board of Directors and representatives in 12 Districts of the state. The Board of Directors are voted in annually by the general membership. A list of current State Officers, Board Members and a listing of all District Representatives, are published in the "North Dakota Motorcyclist" the monthly newspaper of ABATE of North Dakota. ABATE members actively produce, support and promote public awareness campaigns, motorcycle safety programs and all manner of charity events.

The main thrust of ABATE is to "Educate, Not Legislate." We believe in the education of everyone that is involved with motorcycling. We are the proud sponsors of the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program. We are active in promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. We stay informed on current laws that affect riders and pending legislation that could change the way we enjoy our freedoms. ABATE also encourages our members to help with community charity events and always promote a positive image of motorcyclists.

Our free monthly newspaper, The North Dakota Motorcyclist, keeps members informed on upcoming events and issues affecting motorcyclists. We encourage our members to attend any local meeting, voice their opinions in letters to the Editor, and generally become more involved with the sport of motorcycling. Our members also enjoy one of the largest social motorcycling events in the state, the State Rally "Menoken Grove" held the 2nd weekend of June each year.

Our Mission
The letters "ABATE" stand for American Bikers Aiming Toward Education.

ABATE is composed of motorcyclists from all areas of the State, from all walks of life, and who ride all makes of bikes. ABATE is not a club, it is a politically active organization working on motorcyclist's rights. We are affiliated with national rights groups like the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM).

Our main focus is to keep motorcycle legislation in its proper perspective. Many restrictive laws are enacted by uninformed legislators. ABATE's goal is to keep our lawmakers informed of our members collective position on Motorcycle related legislation. Preventing unfair legislation from becoming law is easier than fighting to get the law repealed.

Rider education and public awareness of motorcyclist are goals of ABATE. We are not against the wearing of helmets. We believe in "Freedom of Choice" and we encourage all riders to ride safely. An informed and educated rider is a safer rider. Helmet laws do nothing to prevent an accident, and a helmet only provides the illusion of safety, while rider education is proven to prevent accidents and save lives.

ABATE is involved in community service  and sponsor several State and District charity events throughout the year.