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ABATE of North Dakota is the proud sponsor of the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program. Since the beginning, our program has received numerous state and national awards of excellence. Our RiderCoaches are some of the finest trainers certified by the nationally acclaimed Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). 

Over 40,000 students have been trained in North Dakota since its inception in 1980. In the late 80’s, the North Dakota Department of Transportation became involved with the program. The NDMSP Program has conducted over 3,800 classes and over 36,000 students since 1998. This partnership has proven to be effective in reducing motorcycle crashes and fatalities by training riders of all skill levels to ride safely and to ride responsibly. ABATE of ND has created many television and web commercials. We also have billboards throughout the summer to promote motorcycle safety and awareness.

ABATE of North Dakota has been the driving force in making May “Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month” and is responsible for the distribution of motorcycle safety promotional materials each year.

In 1976 ABATE and our dedicated members successfully lobbied to “Educate Not Legislate”. This was a fight against mandatory helmet laws. ABATE of ND continues to defend the equal rights of all motorcyclists - preserving their freedom of choice. ABATE of North Dakota strongly believes education, not legislation, is the key to creating a safer environment for the future of motorcycling.

In addition to promoting motorcycle safety and education, ABATE has also been involved with collecting money for charities and those in need. Over the years, ABATE and our members have raised thousands of dollars for various charities. We have collected tons of food for pantries across our state and truckloads of toys and clothing donated each year at Christmas time, through our Community Elves Program.

ABATE is North Dakota’s largest motorcycle rights organization. We diligently work to maintain the rights and freedoms of the road for all motorcyclists.